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Webster defines being on a mission as, "undertaking a task that one considers to be a very important duty." That being said, it seems that Ruel Davis has been on a mission for all of his young adult and adult life - a mission of success regardless of the endeavor. A Pittsburgh native and son of former Pittsburgh Steelers, Sam Davis, Ruel learned at a very young age that hard work and perseverance pay off. As fate would have it, Ruel's father was confined to a personal care home with brain damage when Ruel was five and passed away a few years ago, deepening Ruel's passion to be the best he could be and serving as a constant reminder that he could achieve anything he put his mind to. Ruel made an early mark in the creative arts world as a multi-talented dancer, choreographer, actor, tumbler, martial artist, and model.

After his bold move to New York City, he continued to thrive creatively, dancing and choreographing for Total Entertainment, a major event production company, ultimately becoming one of their most sought-after emcees. He didn't stop there, finding yet another niche in health and fitness, transforming the lives of many. As. founder of HEROESRUEL, he believes that everyone has the innate ability and responsibility to be a hero to themselves and the world around them. A motto he lives by!
A firm believer in networking, Ruel found his attention and conversations turning more and more towards something he had not anticipated - real estate, and soon after, an avid real estate agent was born! Different mission, same drive, commitment to excellence, and desire to get the task done! His real estate career began with Keller Williams City Life IC, where his love for real estate matured and flourished, sealing the direction of his path. Now with Meridian Real Estate, Ruel is on a mission to provide star service beyond reproach, dedicated to bringing dreams to fruition.
Ruel Davis
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Ruel Davis

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